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Live Weather:
Station Time:Last Updated on Jan 25 2020, 12:19 am PST
Air/Water:51.9 / 60.0
WindEast at 4.0
Tide1:Low: 2:38 AM at 1.7ft.
Tide2:High: 8:43 AM at 5.9ft.
Tide3:Low: 3:49 PM at -0.9ft.
Tide4:High: 10:09 PM at 3.9ft.
Sun Rise/Set:6:50 AM / 5:15 PM
Lifeguard Report:
Last Visual:1/23/2020 3:57 PM by Blake Anderson
Surf:Poor – WSW at 3-4 ft.
Sky:Foggy at 1 miles
Flag:YELLOW - All swimmers should USE CAUTION
Note:Always swim near a lifeguard and have a safe day. "The last confirmed shark sighting was October 12, 2019 at end of the pier. Also, the beach trail boardwalk between the El Portal steps and Mariposa access will be closed indefinitely due to recent landslide activity."