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Live Weather:
Station Time:Last Updated on Mar 23 2018, 1:09 pm PDT
Air/Water:57.8 / 62
WindWest at 10
Tide1:High: 1:16 AM at 4.7ft.
Tide2:Low: 8:51 AM at 0.5ft.
Tide3:High: 3:29 PM at 2.8ft.
Tide4:Low: 7:47 PM at 2.2ft.
Sun Rise/Set:6:48am / 7:02pm
Lifeguard Report:
Last Visual:3/23/2018 12:33 PM by Blake Anderson
Surf:Poor – WSW at 2-4 ft.
Sky:Clear at 15 miles
Flag:YELLOW - All swimmers should USE CAUTION
Note:Potentially high bacteria count at all beaches - use caution. The last confirmed shark sighting was at the pier on March 5, 2018.