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Live Weather:
Station Time:Last Updated on Jul 11 2020, 8:22 pm PDT
Air/Water:70.4 / 69.0
WindSouthwest at 2.0
Tide1:High: 2:23 AM at 3.5ft.
Tide2:Low: 9:02 AM at 1.3ft.
Tide3:High: 4:00 PM at 4.2ft.
Tide4:Low: 10:40 PM at 2.2ft.
Sun Rise/Set:5:50 AM / 8:01 PM
Lifeguard Report:
Last Visual:7/11/2020 5:54 PM by Ian Burton
Surf:Poor – SW at 1-2 ft.
Sky:Partly Cloudy at 15 miles
Flag:GREEN - Conditions are GENERALLY SAFE for average swimmers
Note:Please remember to practice social distancing and keep six feet away from others. Please note that the fire rings and swing sets are closed until further notice. The last confirmed shark sighting was July 5, 2020 near the pier.