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Live Weather:
Station Time:Last Updated on Nov 18 2018, 4:23 am PST
Air/Water:54.8 / 65.0
WindNorth at 2.0
Tide1:High: 5:44 AM at 4.8ft.
Tide2:Low: 12:04 PM at 1.4ft.
Tide3:High: 5:44 PM at 4.1ft.
Tide4:Low: 11:47 PM at 0.9ft.
Sun Rise/Set:6:21am / 4:46pm
Lifeguard Report:
Last Visual:11/17/2018 4:39 PM by Blake Anderson
Surf:Poor to Fair – SW at 2-4 ft.
Sky:Cloudy at 15 miles
Flag:GREEN - Conditions are GENERALLY SAFE for average swimmers
Note:Always swim near a lifeguard and have a safe day. Swimmers are warned that ocean water bacteria levels exceed health standards 150 feet upcoast and downcoast of the SC Pier. Last confirmed shark sighting was on October 31, 2018 at Lausen Beach.